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    UK Canal Journeys - Don’t Miss These Beauty Spots

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    So you’ve finally purchased your perfect narrowboat and now it’s time to take on the UK’s stunning river and canal network. The question is, where do you start? Generally speaking, you will need to start wherever your boat is currently moored up - but with a vast canal network available to canal users in the UK, the world really is your oyster. With the correct planning and a little bit of time, you can set yourself up to see any number of wonderful UK beauty spots, all from the comfort of your own water home from home.

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    If you’re looking to purchase a narrowboat or widebeam boat of your own, be sure to check out our current boat listings, we’ll help you find your dream boat! If you need a little persuasion, check out one of our recent blog articles to find out why buying a narrowboat of your own will set you up for the ultimate summer 2022 staycation!

    Llangollen Canal

    The Llangollen Canal is renowned as one of the UK’s most picturesque waterways. Spanning the border between England and Wales, you can expect to see endless rolling countryside, filled with countless historical artifacts and heritage sites, from steam railways to traditional horse drawn barges. It’s a 90 mile long canal and can be completed in a couple of days, which is why we think the Llangollen Canal makes for a perfect weekend break. Or, why not spend a bit of time in Wales and spread your visit over a full week?

    Llangollen Canal Aqueduct

    Oxford Canal

    Perhaps one of the UK’s most famous canals is the Oxford Canal. A quaint canal which winds through a number of traditional southern-English villages and towns. You can start in the capitals River Thames, before taking on the waterways of the Cotswolds. The Oxford Canal is famous for providing a real escape from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. It even passes by Oxford University!

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    The Cheshire Ring

    Another one of our favourite boating locations is based in the North West, in an area known as the Cheshire Ring. Here, the 92 mile waterway spans across the edge of the Pennines and even creeps into the cosmopolitan city of Manchester. On the Cheshire Ring you can visit many of the country's industrial centres and visit many heritage sites. There’s endless victorian style factories to explore and even a football stadium! Find out more about the Cheshire Ring here!

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    Wherever you decide to visit, the UK is full of stunning canal and river locations that are perfect for your narrowboats and widebeam boats. To find out more about owning a boat of your very own, visit our website or contact our team of experts today!

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