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    Buy a Narrowboat for your ultimate Summer Staycation

    Narrowboat sales are expected to fly during the summer months. So why not perfect your summer staycation for years to come?

    Whether you’re new to the British waterway scene, or an avid narrowboat enthusiast, there’s no denying that for your perfect summer staycation, you need look no further than the great British canal and river network. It’s the ultimate sense of freedom, combined with fresh air, stunning views and super cosy accommodation.

    If you’ve been on a narrowboat or canal boat holiday before, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Have you however, ever considered buying a narrowboat of your own?

    At Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales, we’ve been delivering a world beating boat sales brokerage for the past 10 years and are here to guide you on your journey to buying your next narrowboat. Whether it’s your first narrowboat adventure, or if you’re a veteran of the canals, our team is dedicated to finding you that perfect, home from home.

    See our full list of boats for sale here.

    Your Summer Holidays Sorted

    Now is the perfect time to find your dream boat. The UK is currently part of a global pandemic that has seen international travel grind to a halt. What this means for most Brits is that your 2022 summer holidays are likely to be confined to the UK borders. Known as a ‘staycation’, you don’t however have to confine yourself to a typical British holiday camp. In fact, why not take this opportunity to secure your holiday future now?

    Purchasing a narrowboat or a widebeam boat means you’ll have access to a perfect holiday retreat, anytime of the year. You get access to the safe and relaxing feel of a caravan, but without the need to remain at a single location. In fact, you could be spending your summer holidays and beyond, exploring some of the finest natural beauty spots in the country, all in the comfort of your own, home from home.

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    Our Team Will Find Your Dream Boat

    So, how does it work? Our team is on hand to help you find your dream boat. The beauty of narrowboats and widebeam boats are that no two vessels are the same. Each carries its own unique style, its own unique feel and its own unique characteristics. You can decorate your boat how you like and can even go all out and install some of the mod-cons you might find in your own home.

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    See our narrowboat buyers & sellers guide here.

    Contact us today to find out more and find out about narrowboat sales near you:

    Narrowboat Sales in Chester

    Narrowboat Sales in Essex

    Narrowboat Sales in Gloucestershire

    If you’re a first-time boater, why not check out some of the stunning locations you could find yourself across our vast and beautiful canal and rivers network. Here’s a great guide for first-time boaters by the Canal and River Trust.

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