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    Why the UK’s Canals are set to be Bustling this Summer

    Summer 2021 promises to be a good one across the board, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic there now seems to be a significantly bright light at the end of the tunnel, meaning we can all start to return to some form of normality, able to do things that we enjoy once again. We’re not out of the waters just yet of course, we’ve got a long way to go before things fully return to the old normal - if they ever do, but thankfully as a nation we seem to be back on track to have a summer with friends, family and most importantly for many of us, chance to get away on a holiday.

    As a result of the year-long hiatus away from the UK’s canals, experts are predicting that the UK’s waterways will be busier than ever before this year. Canal boat sales in the UK have skyrocketed with more and more people seeking out a new home from home which is safe, secure and also enables you to quite easily socially distance yourself from others. Not only that though, the sales and rental market has boomed too, with families, couples and groups of friends looking to hire out a boat for a period over the summer in order to relax, escape and see some of the very best beauty spots this country has to offer.

    Let’s face it, when the sun’s out and the fields are blooming, there’s no better place to be than chugging along a stunning canal on a beautiful narrowboat, is there?

    London Narrowboat 1

    It’s good news for all industries, many canals are situated around popular tourist hotspots, canal towpaths are often filled with traditional pubs, trendy bars and places to explore during your trip away and therefore a busy canal network can only be good news for everyone in the industry!

    So, if you’re planning on exploring the UK’s beautiful canal network this summer, enjoy yourself, stay safe and be kind to each other. Together we can make the summer of 2021 the best one yet!

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