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    Here at Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales we pride ourselves on providing the very best boat brokerage services nationwide, allowing our clients to buy and sell their own wide beam and narrowboats, for a fair price, in the easiest way possible.

    We have on hand a dedicated team of experts who are passionate about leisure boating and the UK canal networks, meaning they are able to help with everything from finding awesome boating locations, boats that are perfect for your needs and can help with finding a perfect buyer for your old wide beam or narrowboat.

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    So How Does Our Boat Brokerage Work?

    The Lakeland Leisure Boat Brokerage is a two way street, offering both the opportunity to buy and sell wide beam and narrowboats. When it comes to looking to purchase a new boat, our sales experts will help you find the perfect boat for your needs, considering everything from your location and your previous leisure boating experience, to what size boat and what style boat you require.

    Take a look at our current boat listings here, we’ve got everything from 50ft Viking Wide Beam Boats, to Dutch Style Barges and smaller Narrowboats which are perfect for small families or small groups of friends that want to start their new life on the canals as a leisure boater.

    When it comes to selling your boat you get access to a wide range of services that make selling your boat both an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Our sales team will work with you to find a buyer in good time and will ensure you get a fair price for your boat. With the sale, you’ll get assistance with marketing your boat, photography, listings online and even access to free moorings for the duration of the sale process.

    We’ll also assist you with providing viewings to prospective buyers, can offer virtual 360-degree video tours of your boat for those who wish to view online first, and even offer an internal and external cleaning service. When you sell with Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales, you really do get the complete package!

    Find out more about our sales packages here.

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