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    Top Tips for New Narrowboat Owners

    As a new narrowboat owner you’ll be feeling a whole range of emotions, from excitement and contentment, to probably a little anxiety and worry. After all, purchasing a narrowboat is quite a big commitment! As the owner of a narrowboat, you’re essentially taking on a second home - a little slice of your life that you can set up exactly how you want it, that’s why narrowboats are often the go to choice for people in the UK who are looking for a holiday home, with a twist!

    At Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales our experts are dedicated to helping you find the very best narrowboats and widebeam boats, perfect as a second home or even your main place of residence. Discover the UK’s stunning canal and riverways, feel the fresh country air on your face as you explore. Enjoy family time, or even get away for a quiet retreat. When you own a narrowboat, the possibilities are endless!

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    New Narrowboat Owners Guide

    Once you’ve secured your boat, you’ll be eager to take to the waterways to discover what it can do, but remember as a new owner, your handling skills will probably need some work. Narrowboat handling is very different to driving or steering a pleasure craft or a pleasure boat. Some may compare it to steering an articulated lorry and indeed, the longer the boat you go for, the greater the challenge you might face when learning to handle your narrowboat.


    Our advice is to take your time, be patient with yourself and don’t rush into things. Stick to easy to navigate canals and always be safe when handling your narrowboat. Before you commit, have you considered taking a narrowboat handling course?

    You can find out more on the River & Canal Trust website!

    Just as crucial as handling - you’ve got to consider maintenance and always have a back up plan in place should things go wrong. This could mean keeping a few spare batteries to hand and ensuring that your engines are checked over and serviced at regular intervals. Don’t neglect the outer body of your boat and remember to keep the inside in top condition too, much like your home, it’s important to keep everything in tip top working condition.

    For more top tips and for some more detailed information on handling, maintenance and more check out this handy guide online - and Contact Us today for more information about our Narrowboat and Widebeam Boat listings!

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