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    How to Enjoy Christmas Aboard Your Boat

    If your narrowboat is your home from home, a place you simply can’t stay away from then we can bet you’ll be spending some time on it this Christmas - many of us love a festive retreat to the waterways and it’s very easy to see why. Your boat is your pride and joy, it’s a place to escape to, a place you can call your own and a place that is cosy, comfortable and perfect for the Christmas season.

    No matter where your boat is moored, at Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales we’ve got a couple of essential tips to help you really make the most of your time away over the Christmas period - be that celebrating Christmas on your boat, or bringing in the New Year, there’s lots of fun to be had!

    Christmas 6

    Firstly, you’re going to need to stock up on wood for the fire. A good log burner is a must have in any narrowboat, but a burner is pretty much useless without fuel to burn. It’s tricky to forage your own firewood, especially when the weather is damp (which it typically is during December!) Stock up, bring some firewood with you and ensure you’ve got enough to see you through your stay.

    Next, you’ll want to stock up on festive goodies, lots of food and drink to keep you satisfied during your stay! With many pubs and restaurants closed at the moment, it’s even more important to make sure you’ve got everything you need aboard your boat to make your Christmas festivities extra special. If you want to save time, why not prepare some festive meals at home first?

    When it comes to the big day, you’re going to want to have your decorations up and your boat ready to welcome in the Christmas spirit! Bring a tree (a small one, it’s got to fit inside remember!) hang your wreath and spruce your boat up, some say less is more when it comes to Christmas decorations, but really that’s up to you!

    Last of all, don’t forget your Christmas jumper and some warm clothes for your festive strolls. Narrowboats don’t offer loads of space, so during your stay you’ll no doubt want to escape on a walk or two. Prepare for the weather and make sure you’ve got some exciting routes planned. You’re free to explore, enjoy it!

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