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    Exploring Britain’s Canals By Kayak | Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales

    As a result of the coronavirus lockdown many people have looked to find new hobbies and interests in order to help them get outdoors and exercise. Because of this, we have seen vast numbers of people take to Britain’s canal network in kayaks, allowing them to explore the true beauty of our canal networks at a very low cost. Of course, reduced canal traffic has also played a part in this, literally giving kayak users as much space as they need to explore the canals and their own leisurely pace!

    In a recent post by The Guardian, writer David Gange describes some of their own experiences of lockdown canal exploration with nothing more than a kayak:

    “There’s a sense of freedom when confronted with a huge array of simple left and right turns through forests, fields and even tunnels into hills. A kayaker is little different from an 18th-century packhorse: able to go further with less effort than a walker or runner on roads or footpaths. With practice, fair weather, and a stretch without too many locks, it’s possible to travel more than 70 miles a day. Many of those I’ve met kayaking the Midlands (and I’m convinced a small boat is as fine a conversation starter as a puppy) are wheelchair users, or have persistent leg injuries, and a canoe or kayak is the perfect alternative to land travel.

    With many canals accessible from within our towns and cities, this is a great way to get out into the countryside without having to take too much equipment. Of course, you will need a sturdy kayak and the correct safety equipment, but we think this is a very healthy compromise if it means you get the opportunity to connect with nature, whenever you please!

    Exploring our beautiful canal networks via kayak, or a small boat is a great way to exercise, to get out and to have fun. Explore our beautiful canal networks, spot stunning wildlife and enjoy yourself!

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