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    Essential Tips For Your Narrowboat This Christmas

    There’s one thing we do know, and that’s that Christmas 2020 is going to be very different for many people this year due to uncertainties around COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions in the UK. When planning out our celebrations we're all having to make changes to how we share this time with loved ones but one thing's for sure, many of us are wanting to go all out with spreading a little festive cheer in our homes, whether on dry land or water.

    Even if you're not full-time, we know that many narrowboat owners love to take to the waters for Christmas each year. We love nothing more than nestling up in our beautiful home from home, enjoying the cool winter air, watching Christmas movies, eating too much food and just escaping the real world for a few days - that’s what Christmas is all about!

    So, with the hope that we’ll all be able to enjoy Christmas on the waterways this year, take a look at our top tips for narrowboaters for Christmas 2020.

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    Christmas 1

    Christmas Aboard Your Narrowboat

    You’re going to need to get hold of some decorations for your boat. Naturally space is going to be an issue here but that doesn’t mean you have to do without a little festive flair. Get yourself a small tree - plenty of retailers are selling them for small spaces now and some fairy lights - we’d recommend battery powered lights that won’t draw power from your boat's batteries (or from your mains supply). Battery lights are also a cost effective way to dress your Christmas tree! If you don't have the space for a tree though don't worry - wreaths and garlands are perfect for that same pop of greenery and can be hung out of the way on a wall or maybe around a door. Decorating your windows is also perfect for bringing that festive cheer without taking up any space - and has the added benefit of turning your boat into a cosy little grotto from the outside!

    Food - that’s the big one! Stock up and fill your fridge. It’s likely you don’t have a huge fridge aboard your narrowboat, so be smart with your shopping, look for foods that can be stored at an ambient temperature where possible. You could even try and do the bulk of your cooking at home and bring it down to your boat on Christmas Eve, saving you the need to spend all of Christmas Day cooking, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

    Last but not least, it’s going to be cold! Stock up on firewood and keep that fire burning throughout your stay, a toasty boat is a happy boat! Don your favourite Christmas jumpers, hats, gloves and pack an extra thick duvet, for those cosy morning’s in.

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