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    Decorating your Boat this Christmas

    We’re not afraid to admit, we’ve been thinking about this since August - however as avid boat owners, you’ll probably also understand just how much fun it is decorating your boat for the Christmas season, if you’re lucky enough to use your boat over the winter period.

    Nothing beats a cosy winter night aboard a beautifully decorated canal boat, with the log fire roaring and the mulled wine flowing - blissful right?

    When it comes to Christmas decorations for your boat, many boat owners do struggle a little as let’s face it, there’s not often a huge amount of space to decorate. Finding the right tree can be almost impossible and adding extra lights to the space inside your vessel can be costly, and more importantly, use up precious power which can often be hard to come by at many mooring locations and marinas.

    Fear not though, there are plenty of brilliant alternatives which can help to give your boat a suitable splash of festiveness, ready for the Christmas season!

    Battery powered fairy lights are your friend, these can be purchased at loads of shops both online and on the high street, they usually take standard batteries and are a very cost effective and safe way to illuminate your boat's living space. Since they are so light, they can be hung using a range of fixings from blu tac and sellotape, to command hooks etc. As they are battery powered, they also won’t pull power away from your mains power.

    When it comes to getting the right tree, nowadays there are loads of space saving artificial trees available, from half trees that have a flat back (perfect for stashing in corners) to trees that have a long stem meaning precious floor space isn’t taken up by the big bushy base of the tree. Small and nicely pre decorated fiber optic trees always look nice aboard a boat, however you should try and aim for a battery powered one if you can, to avoid the need for trailing wires!

    Other decorations such as ornaments can help to add a touch of class to your Christmas decor, as well as LED candles which can be placed within other decorations to really bring them to life.

    However you decide to decorate and enjoy your boat this Christmas, have a safe and happy time and do make the most of it!

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