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    Life on the Waterways

    We asked for your help with filling out a questionnaire in which our moorers and visitors could detail life on our beautiful waterways.

    From real life moments on the water to tips for new boat owners we received so many amazing responses that we know will provide a brilliant insight into this amazing lifestyle to our followers.

    This week we hear about life on the water from Mark Chellingworth and his boat Agamemnon.

    Agamemnon 11

    How long have you been cruising?
    51 yrs with a few breaks in between

    Full-time or weekend warrior?
    Full time

    Is your boat a Narrowboat or Widebeam?
    Narrow beam Cruiser

    How did you choose what type of boat to go for?
    Love Cruisers as my Dad had one when I was a kid

    Agamemnon 2
    Agamemnon 4
    Agamemnon 3
    Agamemnon 7

    Do you stay at a marina, if so which one?
    Tattenhall Marina, we love it

    What do you like most about it, or what do you like most about continuous cruising?
    The Marina is well kept and a great location. The bar, food and staff are great and we are always made to feel welcome. We feel privileged to be on the Marina.

    Favourite cruising routes?
    River Weaver and Llangollen, but love Stratford upon Avon.

    What drew you to this lifestyle?
    Started as a family inclusive hobby, but kids are grown up now so rarely come with us.

    Agamemnon 10

    What do you wish you knew beforehand?
    Wish we had moved to marina 5 yrs earlier as so much better than Golden Nook Farm

    Something you can’t live without on your boat?
    Music, drinks and great food, oh yes and Fenders lol

    What do you love most about life on the water?
    Slower pace of life out in the open and the world is different when on a boat

    Agamemnon 1

    Any particularly memorable moments or mishaps?
    Fell in when I was washing the boat at Llangollen in front of a crowd. Got out, picked up cloth and carried on cleaning to clapping laughing and some funny comments. It was warm, good job it was August lol.

    Tips for any new boat owners?
    Check width is 6'10", we know some that are not and can't go to Llangollen. Get engine serviced regularly. Sit back and enjoy, help people out and they will help you, and smile it's free and infectious.

    Agamemnon 8
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