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    Celebrating Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales' Triumph at BoatLife

    Posted: 16th February 2024

    Beatrice Narrowboat Sold in Hours

    As the doors swung open on day one at the UK's largest indoor boat show, BoatLife 2024, enthusiasts, families and industry insiders alike from all corners gathered at the Birmingham NEC to witness the latest innovations, beautiful designs and the very best the boating world has to offer.

    Amidst this sea of anticipation, one exhibitor stood out not just for their presence, but for an early triumph that set the tone for the event: Lakeland Leisure Estates.

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    Lakeland Leisure, known for their exquisite collection of marinas, holiday parks and first class brokerage, brought a masterpiece that was the talk of the town even before the event had officially begun - 58ft cruiser stern narrowboat Beatrice, built exclusively for Lakeland Leisure by the renowned Kingsground Boat Builders.

    The excitement surrounding Beatrice was palpable, and it translated into a remarkable success story within the first few hours of BoatLife. The sale of Beatrice not only underscored the allure and demand for high-quality narrowboats but also highlighted Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales as a leading force in the leisure boating industry.

    This early success at BoatLife was a moment of pride for Lakeland Leisure and a testament to the enduring appeal and craftsmanship of the boats they represent.

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    For those that have missed the opportunity to purchase Beatrice, we have two further custom designed Kingsground boats currently in build for completion in 2024.

    Who Are Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales?

    Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales has carved a distinguished place for itself in the heart of the leisure boating industry.

    Renowned for their dedication to quality and unparalleled customer service, Lakeland Leisure has become a beacon for enthusiasts seeking not just a boat, but a lifestyle.

    Lakeland Leisure Estates is a family owned and operated business established in 1990, based in the Lake District. They operate 3 holiday parks, 5 inland marinas across England and a coastal marina in North Wales, with 9 Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales branches across the UK.

    Whether it's a family looking for their first leisure boat to explore the waterways, or seasoned cruisers seeking a bespoke narrowboat that reflects their years on the water, Lakeland Leisure has something unique to offer. Their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has not only earned them a loyal customer base but has also solidified their reputation as a leader in the leisure boating industry.


    Spotlight on Beatrice: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Design

    The narrowboat Beatrice is a testament to the art of boat building, a luxury cruiser stern narrowboat that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern amenities.

    Built exclusively for Lakeland Leisure by the renowned Kingsground Boat Builders, Beatrice represents the pinnacle of narrowboat design and construction.

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    Beatrice's design seamlessly blends classic narrowboat aesthetics with contemporary luxury, making her a standout presence on any waterways. The exterior boasts a sleek and rich green finish that captures the eye, while the interior features stylish fittings and finishes tailored to the highest standards of comfort and elegance. The craftsmanship behind Beatrice is evident in every detail, from the precision solid oak woodwork to the thoughtful decor, reflecting Kingsground Boat Builders' reputation for excellence.

    Beatrice 1

    Inside, Beatrice offers a living space that is both luxurious and practical, designed to make life on the water as enjoyable as possible. Key features include:

    • A spacious, well-appointed saloon that serves as a sanctuary of style and comfort, with a plush 2 seater sofa and a Hamlet solid fuel stove.
    • A fully equipped, modern galley that includes high-end appliances and an innovative raised Pullman-style dinette for relaxed dining, which also converts into an additional double bed.
    • Elegant sleeping quarters that provide a comfortable double bed and full size wardrobe. Adjoined to the bedroom is the cratch covered well deck with upholstered seating for an idyllic outdoor oasis.
    • A contemporary walkthrough bathroom that offers all the comforts of home, including a stylish full sized shower.

    Built exclusively for Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales, Beatrice is more than just a boat; she is a floating masterpiece that embodies the spirit of adventure and the luxury of leisure. Her unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury makes her a coveted vessel for those who seek the best the boating world has to offer.

    Lakeland Leisure's Success at BoatLife

    Lakeland Leisure's expert team of boat sales managers was on hand, ready to share their deep knowledge of Beatrice's unique attributes, from her luxury fittings to the unparalleled craftsmanship that went into her creation.

    The moment the doors of BoatLife opened, it was clear that Beatrice was a star attraction, and it wasn't long before a husband and wife duo of discerning buyers made the decision to make her their own.

    The sale of Beatrice within the first few hours of the show was a testament to several key factors. First and foremost was the quality of Beatrice herself; a vessel that truly stood out in the inland boating market for her design, craftsmanship and the bespoke experience she offered.

    Additionally, the reputation of Lakeland Leisure as a purveyor of high quality boats, coupled with the expertise of their boat sales managers, played a crucial role. The longstanding esteem in which Kingsground Boat Builders is held for their high-quality narrowboats added an extra layer of assurance for the buyer.

    This early success at BoatLife was not just a triumph for Lakeland Leisure but a highlight of the event, showcasing the vibrant interest and demand in the inland leisure boating market for quality, craftsmanship and the unique stories behind each boat. Beatrice's sale underscored the importance of expertise, reputation and the ability to connect buyers with their dream boats, setting a high bar for the rest of the show.

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    Impact of Lakeland Leisure's BoatLife Success

    The sale of Beatrice within the first few hours of the UK's largest indoor boat show significantly enhanced the company's brand visibility and solidified its market position as a leading provider of luxury leisure boats.

    This achievement serves as a testament to Lakeland Leisure's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It not only validates the company's strategic partnerships with top-tier boat builders like Kingsground, but also reinforces the value of offering unique, high quality vessels to discerning clients.

    The quick sale of Beatrice at BoatLife 2024 highlights a significant trend in the leisure boating industry: a growing demand for luxury narrowboats. This shift towards customisation and exclusivity suggests that buyers are not just looking for a boat; they are seeking a vessel that reflects their individual style, needs and aspirations.

    The success at BoatLife 2024 not only celebrates the sale of a remarkable vessel but also emphasises the event's role in fostering connections, driving innovation and setting trends within the leisure boating industry. For Lakeland Leisure, it's a reaffirmation of their mission to deliver unparalleled boating experiences, marking a significant moment in their journey and setting the course for future successes.

    Mark Morgan, Managing Director of Lakeland Leisure Estates, added:

    "With a growing presence, it's great to see how BoatLife has flourished to become a leading pre-season showcase for inland and coastal businesses. Our team at Lakeland Leisure Estates are dedicated to exceptional service whether clients are looking for quality moorings or the very finest boats for sale. The sale of Beatrice at the NEC is testament to their professionalism and the Kingsground quality showcased at Boatlife. I look forward to another busy season with new moorings at Roydon Marina Village in high demand and several boats in build with the highly skilled team at Kingsground."

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