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    Ryan's Lass Cruiser Stern

    In Great Haywood Marina
    Cruiser Stern
    Ryans Lass 1
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    Welcome to the world of Ryan's Lass, a 45-foot cruiser stern crafted in 1998 by the skilled hands of artisan Ken Bonikowski. This vessel, steeped in nautical charm and character, beckons you to embark on a journey of maritime dreams and personalisation.

    Nestled within its timeless hull lies a canvas of possibilities, an open-plan expanse yearning for your unique touch. Ryan's Lass, with berths for four, invites you to share the magic of waterways with friends or family. While adorned with the gentle marks of time, this vessel is not just a boat but an opportunity—an opportunity to breathe new life into its storied frame, to infuse it with the love and care it deserves.

    A testament to safety, the boat boasts a valid certificate until 20/02/2028, ensuring secure and worry-free explorations on the water. Insulated with polystyrene, it promises warmth and comfort, creating a cocooning ambiance during each voyage. Having undergone its last survey in April 2023, Ryan's Lass proudly showcases its seaworthiness and enduring character.

    The exterior, adorned with a Cratch Cover, not only protects against the elements but adds a touch of style to the vessel's timeless silhouette. The stern inspection hatch offers a portal to the heart of the vessel, making maintenance and checks a breeze. Side hatches on the starboard midships usher in refreshing cross-ventilation and bathe the interior in natural light.

    Replated at the base in 2023, the hull exudes structural integrity and longevity, a testament to its resilience on the water. The cassette toilet system adds convenience to your journeys, and the vessel's electric supply, fuelled by both shoreline and engine, ensures flexibility and reliability.

    With an upgraded battery system (1 x Starter / 2 x leisure) from 2023, a 200-liter fuel tank, and a capacious 250-liter water tank, Ryan's Lass is ready to set sail on extended cruising ventures. The blank canvas for hot water supply invites you to tailor the vessel to your preferences, while the classic stove offers a warm embrace in the cabin.

    Intriguingly left unscripted is the vessel's potential for personalization—an open invitation for you to shape, renovate, and make Ryan's Lass truly your own. Step aboard, and let your maritime dreams unfurl on this vessel that eagerly awaits its next chapter, ready to sail into the horizon with you at the helm.

    Key features

    • Berths: 4
    • Length & Type: 45ft Cruiser Stern
    • Year: 1998
    • Builder: Ken Bonikowski​
    • Engine Type: BMC 1.5 - PRM 120​
    • Last Blacking 2 packed April 2023​
    • Boat Safety Certificate:20/02/2028​
    • Last Survey:April 2023​
    • Engine Hours & Service:500 / April 2023​
    • External covers:Cratch Cover​
    • Internal cabin height:6’ 3”​
    • Hull Thickness:Replated base 2023​
    • Electric supply:Shoreline / Engine​
    • Batteries:New 2023 1 x Starter / 2 x leisure​
    • Cabin Heating: Stove​
    • Insulation:Polystyrene ​
    • Gas Cylinders:2 x 13kg Bottles​
    • Galvanic isolator:N/A​
    • Inspection hatch:Stern​
    • Side hatches:Starboard Midships​
    • Toilet/ Head Type:Cassette​
    • Waste Tank Capacity:N/A​
    • Fuel Tank Capacity:200 ltrs​
    • Water tank capacity:250 Ltrs​


    Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these specifications, no guarantee is given or implied as to their accuracy. These particulars are intended only as a guide, and they do not constitute a term of any contract. Lakeland Leisure Estates Ltd advises prospective purchasers to obtain an independent survey from a qualified Marine Surveyor to satisfy themselves as to the condition of the craft. ​

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