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    Pensieve Semi Trad Narrowboat

    In Great Haywood Marina
    Semi Trad
    4 Berths
    Pensive 27
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    Embark on a journey of discovery and delight aboard Pensive, a 57ft Semi-Trad Hybrid narrowboat that stands as a beacon of innovation and imagination. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in 2014 by the esteemed Tyler Wilson, "Pensive" intertwines the mystique of Harry Potter with the pinnacle of nautical engineering. Her recently refreshed exterior boasts a gleaming finish that invites the eye, while the interior's bespoke craftsmanship beckons you to explore the realms of comfort and style that lie within.

    At the heart of Pensive's allure is her pioneering hybrid propulsion system, designed to propel you through the waterways with minimal environmental impact. This cutting-edge technology ensures a journey that's as silent as it is smooth, allowing you to glide through nature's beauty with only the sounds of the surrounding world as your companion.

    Pensive is meticulously configured to accommodate four adventurers in unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Venture into the sanctuary of the bedroom, where a cleverly designed crossover bed awaits, complete with extensive storage solutions beneath. Dual wardrobes, chic bedside cabinets, and overhead wall unit storage transform this space into a haven of organization and tranquillity. Notably, the room incorporates a unique storage niche for the mattress and an isolated laundry store, epitomizing the harmony of form and function.

    The bathroom presents a realm of elegance and sophistication, featuring a spacious walk-in quadrant shower adorned with a thermostatically controlled shower mixer and riser rail. The inclusion of a stylish wash hand basin atop generous storage, coupled with a separate toilet room, exemplifies thoughtful design, optimizing space without sacrificing luxury.

    At the core of Pensive lies the galley, a culinary masterpiece blending timeless aesthetics with modern amenities. Custom Corian worktops, a seamlessly integrated under-sink, and a designer tap with an additional water filter tap set the stage for culinary exploration. The suite of modern appliances, including an electric oven, induction hob, microwave, and fridge with ice box, alongside an innovative under-floor wine cellar, elevates the cooking experience. A charming side-opening swan hatch above the sink invites natural light and fresh air, enriching the galley's ambiance.

    The dinette area, refreshed with new seating and vibrant scatter cushions, effortlessly transitions from a cosy dining nook to a single or double bed, complete with storage below. The dining table, ingeniously stowed under the gunwales, underscores the vessel's commitment to maximizing space and functionality.

    The saloon, a bastion of relaxation and entertainment, features ample seating and hidden treasures like a colour TV within the storage area, accompanied by abundant shelving and storage solutions. It's a space designed not just for passing time, but for creating memories.

    With her last blacking in February 2024 using a durable 2-pack treatment, Pensive not only radiates beauty but also stands as a testament to meticulous upkeep and enduring quality.

    Pensive is not merely a vessel; it's a gateway to adventures that blend the essence of magic with the ethos of sustainable living. Whether you're drawn by the allure of Harry Potter's world or the elegance of bespoke craftsmanship, Pensive invites you on an unparalleled journey of discovery. Welcome aboard, where your dreams are set to sail on the gentle currents of innovation and enchantment.

    Key features

    • Berths: 2 + 2
    • Length & Type: 57ft Semi
    • Year: 2014
    • Builder: Tyler Wilson
    • Layout: Galley, Lounge, Dinette, bathroom, bedroom
    • Engine Type: Beta 43 Hybrid parallel
    • Last Blacking: 2 pack Feb. 2024
    • Boat Safety Certificate: 02/2026
    • Engine Hours & Service: 18/10/2021
    • External covers: Stern Tonneau
    • Internal cabin height: 6’ 4”
    • Hull Thickness: 10/6/5 43a grade plate steel
    • Electric supply: Landline, engine, 5kw 48v & 3kw 24v multiplus invertors
    • Batteries: 1 x 12v starter, 1 x 12v leisure, 24 x wet sell 800 Ahr 
    • Hot water Supply: Hurricane Diesel heater via calorifier
    • Insulation: Spray foam 
    • Gas Cylinders: none
    • Galvanic isolator: Yes
    • Inspection hatch: Within the wardrobe
    • Side hatches: Port opposite; dinette, Starboard; kitchen sink 
    • Toilet/ Head Type: Pump out 
    • Cabin Heating: Hurricane Diesel Heater via Radiators, 2 lounge, 1 towel rail - bathroom, 1 fin rad - bedroom
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 230 ltr
    • Water tank capacity: 550 ltr


    Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these specifications, no guarantee is given or implied as to their accuracy. These particulars are intended only as a guide, and they do not constitute a term of any contract. Lakeland Leisure Estates Ltd advises prospective purchasers to obtain an independent survey from a qualified Marine Surveyor to satisfy themselves as to the condition of the craft.

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